Debut album from my favorite British band The Joy Formidable, while gaining popularity fast in the UK and US, I feel like everyone needs to hear this. Not only was this my best album of 2011, it's one of the best I've listened to period. The Welsh trio of Ritzy Bryan (Vocals, guitar), Rhydian Dafydd (Bass, backing vocals) and Matt Thomas (Drums) deliver an astounding album drenched with awesomeness. It's hard to believe that the band only consists of three people when you first listen, as there's so much heavy guitar and effects going on. The album really does live up to its name. Half way through the record there is their almost seven minute masterpiece Whirring, which is their most popular song and for good reason. Another favorite track of mine is Llaw=Wall, where Rydian takes center stage, the song starts off slow and melancholic, but then silence and the chorus kicks in, delivering strong vocals over blistering guitar. The album ends with The greatest light is the greatest shade which has a catchy synth that's sure to get stuck in your head.

Every song is amazing, they have an excellent quiet/loud dynamic and stage presence at their live shows,they're even better live. They've even supported Paul Mccartney and the Foo Fighters on their latest tour,and have toured the world already which is quite a feat considering they formed in 2007. You can really tell that they are destined for greatness. I for one can't wait for their new album scheduled to be released this year.If you enjoyed this I have quite the rarity to share, their live album called First you have to get mad which is very hard to find nowadays, there was only a few hundred copies, I'll upload that in the near future. NOTE: This album features a few tracks that are re-records from their debut EP A balloon called moaning. (So check that out too) If you don't have a listen, you're missing out.

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