First, an introduction.
I'm vedicardi, superfag and 9/11 advocate extrodinaire. I live in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, and listen to music. Here I'll be posting some cool, rare local music (mostly 7"s) that I can find, as well as a few other odds and ends. Any original content I put up will typically be a vinyl rip, with little exception, at 320. I think that about covers everything! Now, the subject at hand;

Official Band Bio

You can still buy the record online through online order. Phyical copies only though! They come with a lyrics sheet and a cool DIY patch, and the record itself is on blue vinyl. If you like it, pick it up! It's only 4 dollars! The link to buy it is on the band bio above.

The first track really stands out to me, and the lyrics on "Punk Rock High School" are great. I love all female punk bands, I tell ya.

Download includes hi-res scans of front and back of the sleeve as well as the lyrics sheet. Enjoy.

320 MP3 (Vinyl Rip) / 25.8 MB

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