A Japanese garage punk trio on the short lived 90s New York label Intensive Scare. Artwork by Ronnie of the's!!! Female vox, drums, bass. Very cool! 1998

320 kb/s / 13mb


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  1. riotgrrrlWA says:

    I love your guy's blog... I stumbled upon it tonight, trying to find some Lolita No. 18 DLs... You guys have taught me of so many wonderful bands... Tsushimamire / The News / etc... THANK YOU for these wonderful musicians and many more.

    Is there any chance you may be able to upload the Plungers LP "Let's get Twisted?" I can't seem to track it down via Soulseek and I absolutely LOVE their sound...

    All your efforts are very appreciated!

  2. vedicardi says:

    I looked around for it a bit when I first got this LP, couldn't find it. If I get my hands on it, I'll post it here. The LP is on discogs for only $6 but I'm not really into discogs (and I'm low on money). I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually (this 7" in question is a vinyl rip I did myself, fyi, not a reupload).

    Thanks for the comment. The News and TSMMR are forever #1 in my heart. Also, if you're a girl hmu
    lets make a record ;) swag woop
    -beavis aka vedi

  3. riotgrrrlWA says:

    hey, sorry man, 24/m native american indian (on both sides of my family!) here from WA =) my older brothers (who ran a tiny skateboard shop circa '88 / '89) got me into punk rock / rock & roll / etc. from a very young age.

    i then branched off on my own finding bands here and there like any of us... teengenerate / bikini kill / siouxsie and the banshees / new york dolls / and so many more have been there for me for over half my life and are counted amongst my most cherished bands.

    it's always a great feeling finding some new-to-my-ears material that i can thoroughly identify with! much respect to all involved at this wonderful blog. i feel like i've made some friends here.

    BTW -- I am a huge fan of Shonen Knife / Hang On The Box / thug murder / etc. fan.. and so when i found TSSMR and mummy the peepshow / Juusho Futei Mushoku / lolita no 18. recently. i can't tell you how happy i was! lovely music.

    thanks for your reply RE: that record. it would be great to see it up one fine day

  4. vedicardi says:

    haha thats alright! You're from washington so at least you have that going for you. Stay tuned for more good tunes buddy

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