Guernica, G-Schmitt, Sadie Sads, E.D.P.S., Etc. - STREET KINGDOM 東京ロッカーズと80’Sインディーズ・シーン [BOOK + DVD]

Guernica, Susumu Hirasawa, Phew, Etc. - NYLON100% [BOOK]

戸川純 (Jun Togawa) - Jun Togawa as only a lump of meat [BOOK]
戸川純 (Jun Togawa) - 戸川純の気持ち [BOOK]
戸川純 (Jun Togawa) - 樹液すする、私は虫の女 [BOOK]
戸川純 (Jun Togawa) - 日本版ペントハウス 1984年9月 [MAG]
戸川純 (Jun Togawa) - よい子の歌謡曲 1985年9月 [MAG]

戸川京子 (Kyoko Togawa) - 涙。 [CD]
戸川京子 (Kyoko Togawa) - O'Can [CD]

静香 (Shizuka) - Shizuka Live [CD]
静香 (Shizuka) - Tokyo Underground '95 [CD]

いんど猫 (Indo Neko) - メルクリウス [CD]

原みゆき (Miyuki Hara) - 凛 [CD]
原みゆき (Miyuki Hara) - ひなたぼっこしよう [CD]

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  1. nattliga_toner says:

    Cool! Really looking forward to STREET KINGDOM!

  2. beefhound says:

    Very much looking forward to the magazine and book scans! Thanks very much for the splendid flac and 320 rips of the rarer Yapoos stuff. Certainly beats my 160k rip of CD-Y. Thanks again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Omg, Indo Neko's メルクリウス album?! I can't wait for this :D You guys are awesome!

  4. wolfwood says:

    looking forward to the book scans too !!!!
    and i have bought the 30th big box jun togawa..and dump the disc7,8,9(dvd)...and uploaded them to cloud disk...

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