I know I've been going a bit YMO crazy here but I just had to share another. I know this was part of the Yen Box set but I don't know how rare this is in Japan, but it's certainly very hard to find on the internet. I recently found this on a rapidshare search engine by chance, the filename was just YT, so I thought it was just one of his albums called "Mr Y.T." which I've read it's not one of his best albums. But to my surprise, it was this little gem.

It's a collection of rarities such as the original version of "Are you receiving me?" which I didn't even know existed, since I thought the remix on my version of "Tomorrow's just another day" was wrongly tagged. And live versions of songs and even has a live version of Hosono's Sports men, and YMO's key from one of his solo tours, since Hosono was a band member of his he sings them with the man himself. I can't credit the original uploader since there was no source. Don't let the artwork put you off and download this!

MP3 / 108MB


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  1. TeslaGuy says:

    Interesting mix of songs. Thanks for posting it. Below is some info from Nicholas Kent's Japanese Electronic Music site. I actually met Nick once. He was sitting next to me at a HALCALI event at Kinokuniya New York.

    1996.7.24 Alfa CD: ALCA-5077 out of print

    this rarities disc is included only as a special bonus disc in Yen Box Vol.1 (17 CD set of YEN releases)

    Futari no kage ni -4.37
    Flashback -4.54 (karaoki)
    Disposable Love -4.28 (Japanese version)
    Sayonara -5.31 (karaoki)
    Ich bin der gluckligchste Mensch auf der Welt -3.59
    Are You Recieving Me? -4.06 (single version)
    And I Believe in You -4.29
    Another Door -6.32
    Walking to the Beat -4.06 (Australian single edit)
    Poisson D'Avril -4.46 (single version)
    Kimi ni Surprise! -4.04
    School of Thought -3.53 (live)
    Disposable Love -4.27 (live)
    Sports Men -4.01 (live with Hosono)
    Key -5.00 (live with Sakamoto and probably Hosono)
    It's All Too Much -4.28 (live)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Link is dead... any chance of reup....? I know this is normally an annoying request but you described so well that now I am looking for it like crazy.

  3. please re up! :'(((((((( :')))))))

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