I don't think I'll be uploading YMO's studio albums since they're quite popular and easily available, but what is often overlooked is their few live albums, this one is my favorite, this is a recording of their final live show (before their first split) and it was also the same recording as in the YMO film mixed in with bits of concert footage on each song, PROPAGANDA (If you ever get a chance to see it, please do, it's quite rare to find now, on DVD anyway, I think it's all on youtube). This is the band at their very best, the songs sound so much fuller and alive, I also love the changes from their studio versions, the small things, such as added vocals in Rydeen. This was mixed by Brian Eno.

The clip below is not from the PROPAGANDA release, well it is, it's just that the full concert was released on Laserdisc as a stand-alone, therefore free of spoilers.

MP3 / 112MB


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