Hi everyone, this is Vedicardi.  I can say this blog is dead for the most part.  All of our attempts at reuploading files have been constantly rebuffed or fucked over like the situation with lix.in and all that bullshit.  So with that in mind, I'll let you all know my username on soulseek is very similar to the name I refer to myself, if not exactly the same?  Hm...  So everything I've uploaded can probably (definitely) be found under that, sorted properly and all, along with some of the stuff Dori uploaded.

if you don't know what soulseek is, it is totally worth having.  I can't say enough good things about it honestly.  Easily trumps P2P trackers like what.cd now that all the garbage from the early 2000s has been weeded out.  So yeah, just download that, and search for any of the albums I've uploaded.  You should definitely be able to find them over there, if not from me, from someone else!  That's the official statement I'm makin' here folks.  Sorry for the inconvenience, and remember, STEAL MORE RECORDS!


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  1. Unknown says:


    even if the blog is dead i want to share with you this new EP :

    We just released our new EP , " SAMBRE "

    It is on Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/parade707/sets/parade707-sambre

    I hope you'll enjoy !

  2. unknown says:

    Please, re-upload the Droop "Partial" Discography, thanks in advance.

  3. vedicardi says:

    its on my soulseek bud, as i said.

  4. Mandy Luo says:

    hi,I just search sources of a single EP G-Schmitt of G-schmitt band and knew this website,I'm sorry it was dead for a long time.
    I also use the slsk but not for a very long time,could u tell me your name on slsk or how could I have access to your files ? My email address is gaarasweep@gmail.com ,very thanks!

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