Now listen. TsuShiMaMiRe is my favorite band. They really are. Good Charamel is a crap record label. They are trying, but not hard enough. There is no English CD release of the album, only digital. Same with GIVING BLOOD! Fuck that. Go import the album any way you can, don't download Good Charamel's copy. It really pisses me off that they are not getting proper support. So download the album, and like all others, if you like it, go BUY it! Support the best all girls band, no, the best band currently together in the world! By the way, this album fucking rules

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v Update: re-uploaded

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good charamel loves Tsushimamire too ... I'm sorry you feel we are a crap label, but we do our best to share tsmmr and many other Japanese bands with north American audiences... I'm glad you love the band, I'm sorry you have to rag on us online ...

    Robby ( good charamel records )

  2. vedicardi says:

    I bought Sex On The Beach from you guys, but come on, digital only? What's even the point? And adding demos available online to Giving Blood and calling those bonus tracks? I don't think you understand what your audience wants, or how to market your acts, or how to keep a cohesive image as a label. You could say it's better than nothing, but I don't think so. Yes, physical copies probably won't sell all that great (particularly when you can't market your own product) and have an overhead cost when digital doesn't (well, a small one), but that's not really the point. I have an open mind though.

  3. Pete says:

    At least they sometimes tour the US! TSMMR are my favourite J-band right now too, but in the UK we don't really get any indie Japanese bands touring at all, which bugs the hell out of me. It's mostly big name metal bands that I can't stand!

    While I agree there is no substitute for the physical product, I like that GoodCharamel have been signing some great bands and pushing them in the US, I just wish we had something similar!

    Oh, and Shocking is amazing. Typically weird and wonderful!

  4. vedicardi says:

    They haven't signed anything. They just put japanese bands on itunes and take their money. it's bullshit.

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